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People always told me to try online dating to settle down. I've never wanted that. I've never wanted to settle down and I've never wanted to be with just one man. When I signed up I found so many men with the same interest as me - casual sex. It's so easy to find guys with Want2FuckTonight. My luck is really coming through with you guys. I've slept with a guy of ever colour!

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I'm young. I'm hot. I'm a free spirit. I don't like being tied down by boys, I just like the sex. gives me the chance to let my spirit run wild! I've met so many sexy guys online. Oh and did I tell you they're really hot!

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So many women have found they're not getting what they want in the bedroom. How many of your girlfriends just want that adonis on top of them? How many of them talk about how they want a man who gives and doesn't just take? At we've given you a way to find that dreamy, sexy adonis you always wanted. If you're tired of the calls from guy who you slept with last weekend or can't stand your clingy significant other - then sign up to get laid. Have that amazing casual sex you've always wanted with a construction worker, a cop, a student. Live out that little fantasy you didn't want to tell your friend's about. When you sign up with us you'll have so many members to choose from. The best thing is you can do it on the go. To make it easier for our members we have an app for your phone or tablet, so you can find and bang that hot guy around the corner at a moment's notice. A lot of our members have told us how our app is most used app on their phone. Think about why - because they're getting so much action. Get it on the action. Have a casual encounter and a no strings attached romp.

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My husband isn't the most adventerous guy in the bedroom. So I decided to have a couple flings on the side. When I signed up I made a new friend - a guy who wanted something more in the bedroom. We're very casual about it. This site is perfect for that it really lets me that casual encounter I want. No strings attached. - PinUpMama
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Signing up at, I never expected to actually meet the friends with benefits of my dreams - but I did. It's a relationship I've always needed. Both of us know the rules and both of us respect them. We sleep together and that's it. No drama. No strings. Just benefits. - Serenity
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I'm a fitness freak. I go to the gym and get all hot a bothered when I see some guy lifting weights - but most of the time these guys just want to date and sleep with me. let's me just do the sleeping part. I want to be single for a while and experience the world. Relationships aren't my thing. Sex is my thing. So now when I go online I can find a guy who just wants to have sex - nothing more. That's how I like it! - YogaBabe69
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Finding the right guy for me is hard. I'm a picky one. Plus it's hard enough finding a guy who is into role play. But since I signed up I've found a role play partner who has become my best friend with benefits. The sex is great and we meet up from time to time in different roles. The best thing is I'm still talking to other guys - I'm keeping my options open. - Princsex21

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Are you a woman who wants the excitement of sleeping with a married man? Think about how some of those married men look at you. You know they want you. At Want2FuckTonight a lot of our members are men looking for just that. A lot of men these days are looking for some great and easy casual sex with a girl like you - no strings attached. We give you the opportunity to find that guy who wants to have a one night stand or a friend with benefits. And you don't have to worry about those clingy guys who just won't stop calling you. Don't forget either that our mobile app allows you have fun and get laid on the go. Find that busy married guy who has that girlfriend who isn't giving him what he wants. It's easy just join the thousands of other woman who have had some casual sex by signing up at When you read our testimonials you'll really see our success rate is 9 out 10. We have so many members come to us and tell us about their amazing times with other members. No drama. No strings. Just sex with the one you want. That means you get the action you want, when you need it - and it's all at


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Experimenting with different guys has really taught me a lot about what I want in a relationship. Casual sex is probably the best thing ever! I get what I want when I need it. I never have to have boring night.

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No strings attached relationships are the best! I've never been a big fan of having a boyfriends. My girls and my dogs fill that void. But when it comes to sex, every woman needs a man. A real man who can pleasure you when you want it. has made the sex and my city a beautiful place.

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I have been married for almost ten years. I didn't touch ro even sleep with another man until I came across Signing up showed me a world of one night stands I didn't think existed. I've been online for a year now and I've met a few men much to my pleasure. The best thing is - my husband doesn't know.

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