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"I never thought my need for a woman's touch could be so easily discovered until I signed up and met a beautiful friend with benefits."- MissyTomboy

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My guy friends always hook up online - so I thought why can't I? I've found so many beautiful women just looking for casual flings. The best thing is, my boss is a member and I've gotten a raise since we had our little casual encounter, all thanks to Want2FuckTonight.

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After being in a long term relationship with a man for almost ten years - I never fed my desire to be with another woman. Now that I've signed up experimenting and living out my lesbian fantasies has been a thrill that's changed my life. I love it!

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I love the fact that Want2FuckTonight makes it so easy to actually have sex when you want and with who you want. I could never sleep with 'straight' women before and now I can.

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Women seeking Women for Friends with Benefits

Girls, let's be honest - some of us have always wanted a girlfriend - no we mean the other type of girlfriend - the girlfriend with benefits. Remember that sexy and cute roommate in college who you always fantasized about. Did you know that at Want2FuckTonight/.com/girl-on-girl you'll be able to find that girl you've always wanted. Seriously there are so many women out there just hoping to find a sexy woman like you that they can share their desire with. Drama free and totally casual. It's so easy for our members because we also have an app that allows you find casual sex on the go. So go ahead, sign up and live out that lesbian fantasy you were too scared to try in college. Come one, we all know girls just want to have fun! Read our testimonials and you'll see that there are so many types of sexy women looking for that girl on girl fling that they've always wanted. It's about the action with us.

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I've had a lot of girlfriends and so many of them had strings attached. All I wanted for a lot of life was good casual sex on the side. I love to keep my options open. At I was able to lay all the options on the table. I found so many women like me, just needing casual sex. A big bonus is a lot of the women I've been with have never been with a woman so it's fun to teach! - IgottaBigDyke
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My husband wants me to experiment alone with other women. But I always had a tough time finding the right woman to do it with. One night he joked that I should look online - I took a chance and it was the best chance I've ever taken. As soon as I signed up I connected with so many women looking for a lesbian fling or just some girl on girl fun. It was easy, fast and so so simple. It's even better that I can experiment with all types of women, even when I'm travelling for my work. There are members all over! - UltimaVez
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I'm a busy professional woman who likes to be discreet about my sex life. Want2FuckTonight lets me connect with other lesbian women who are busy like me. It lets me balance my work life and my sex life. I wish I had this website and app when I was in college, it would've made my sex life more pleasureable. - Jamiejam
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I love life in all its mystery. Sex is a journey and I'm exploring my sexuality with the help of! Going across the country and finding other girls to have a little fling with has been so easy since I signed up. - SnowWitty

Lesbian Flings

Just looking to sexperiment with another women one night because you need a woman's touch? Had an experience at a party one night and want to do it again? We know all about that. We're only human and who doesn't like a bit of passion in their lives or a bit of spice in the bedroom? Who doesn't like a woman's touch? We're serious about hooking you up with that girl no strings attached. We want you to sexperiment at You'll be able to find that woman you had a dream about last year and you'll find out she wants it just like you. Thousands of women are just looking for easy, no strings attached and discreet sex. We even have an app that can hook you up with that dreamy girl at the bar when you're out with friends. Just sign up today and find your woman's touch. Read our testimonials and you'll notice how many of our members have found someone for a casual encounter.


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Join thousands of other women seeking women. Connect with real lesbian women looking for casual sex. Tired of all the drama that can come with just a simple one night stand? We know all about that so we're here to help and connect you with all the people who want something drama free. Just casual sex at your fingertips. At Want2FuckTonight/women-seeking-women, thousands of women have been successful in finding the type of sex and woman they've always wanted. Even on the go, our members can casually browse local members from their phone and find that special someone who wants no strings attached sex. With a valid email you can be a member in seconds and find another woman just like you looking for that special woman who can rock their world in the bedroom. Go ahead and read about some of the experiences our members have had. You'll see they're only good ones. So go ahead and try and live a little. Get lucky and have a raunchy romp.

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I'm just looking to experiment, but going out to do that is a little daunting. But when I'm able to find other lesbian women who want to teach me something - all I have to do is click a button and then they can push all mine.

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Finding a casual lesbian hookup was really hard before. Now I can do it when I feel like it. I've always needed to keep my options open because sometimes boys don't have that touch. And sometimes boys don't get a woman's needs. That's why I signed up - to find girls who know what to do - with no strings attached.

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Romance has never been my thing. But sex has always been my thing. Making new friends with benefits has never been easier. I can click and end up having the sex I need and want with other lesbians like me who are just looking for a one night stand.

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