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"People say you can't find friends with benefits online - they're wrong. I love having friends with benefits."- CaliGirl87

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I want to meet a younger guy who wants me to be their best friend with benefits. Drama free. Hassle free. Just lots of casual sex. Call me boys.

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Lipstick, perfume and a woman who wants to keep some secrets and live out their fantasy with me! I've had too many relationships lately - with boys! Lol! I'm looking for a woman who wants to teach me something.

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I'm a busy guy. My career comes first. This makes it hard for me to find have regular casual sex. Always wanted a woman who wants a man who won't bother her and won't be a hassle when we've had our fun in bed. Want2FuckTonight has helped me hook up. The best thing is - she lives down the street.

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Looking for no strings attached sex? is where you can find someone looking for casual sex. Whether you're single or married you can sign up with us to find a friend with those benefits you've always wanted. You know, a lot of our members are just looking for casual, no strings attached sex. So many members are just looking for a friend with benefits. Whether they're single or married sometimes they're just looking to spice things up with a casual fling. If you think finding someone online is hard then think about that 9 out of 10 of our members hook up. By signing up you'll be able to find that drama free sex you've always wanted. We all have busy lives (and sometimes even relationships) but when you sign up with us you can really have that sexy affair you've always wanted. You can even do it on the go: Our app allows you to access our site straight from your mobile or tablet, so no matter where you are you'll still be able hookup with someone new. Get laid at and exxperience what so many members have been screaming in pleasure about. Take a look at some of our testimonials and you'll see the success our members have. You'll see that so many of them had that casual encounter or that drama free sex that can be so hard to get. So, why not huh? Go on, give and take a little sex and get those benefits your insurance company won't give you with us at

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I have tough time finding a someone who just wants a casual fling. A lot of women I meet want something serious. But I've always wanted a friend with benefits. But when I found Wan2FuckTonight, I managed to have some amazing casual sex with a few different women. I never thought it would happen so soon but I also found someone local who is my new best friend with benefits. I've told my friends to sign up, so should you. - TotalGridlock35
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I go out a lot and I hook up a lot. But I never meet black guys. I want to find a sexy black guy who wants my body and some casual sex - no strings attached! It's hard to find a nice guy who doesn't get too attached. This site is a goldmine for this. And I get to pick and choose. I get to have that hot black guy I've always wanted to bang. - BBCLuvBird69
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I like being physical. It's so important to me. I need a woman who can give that to me. Oh and I can always keep secrets from your husbands ;-)

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I'm not about just the casual sex - but the build up. Girls love it too. I can find so many sexy ladies who just want me to sex them up. I've met married women who don't get enough from their man. But since I signed up those ladies don't have anything to worry about. I got them covered.

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Let's get together and feel eachother all night! I'm a curious girl. I'm all about new experiences. I love the idea of looking back on these secret one night stands and feeling like I lived life to the fullest.

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